Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Year in Review - Books read

These are the books I completed this past year according to goodreads:

  1. The Ghost Brigades - John Scalzi
  2. A Memory of Light - Brandon Sanderson
  3. The Human Division - John Scalzi (Episodic serialization of novel, 13 episodes)
  4. Questions for a Soldier - John Scalzi
  5. After the Coup - John Scalzi
  6. Chieftains - Robert Webb
  7. The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson
  8. Pawn of Prophecy - David Eddings
  9. Queen of Sorcery - David Eddings
  10. Magician's Gambit - David Eddings
  11. Castle of Wizardry - David Eddings
  12. Enchanter's Endgame - David Eddings
  13. Football Manager Stole my Life
  14. The Two Moons - James Hogan
  15. The Two Worlds - James Hogan
  16. Just a Geek - Wil Wheaton
  17. Mission to Minerva - James Hogan
  18. Masters of Doom - David Kushner
  19. Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
  20. SSN - Tom Clancy
  21. Insanely Great - Stephen Levy
  22. Chicken Little - Cory Doctorow
  23. Codespell - Kelly McCullough
  24. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
  25. Command and Control - Eric Shlosser
  26. Stay Awhile and Listen, book 1 - David Craddock
  27. Will You Manage? The Necessary Skills to be a Great Gaffer - Musa Okwonga 
Totalling 9976 pages. There are a number of books started, that have yet to be finished. Perhaps a new year's resolution should be to do a better job of finishing up books that I have started to read.

I really enjoyed Sanderson's The Way of Kings. Scalzi's Human Division series was okay. I apparently read a lot in the old man's war universe this year. A Memory of Light was a decent ending to the Wheel of Time saga. Eddings and Stephenson are old favorites that I return to every once in a while. Ready Player One wasn't the greatest writing, but I can see it being a guilty pleasure in the future like Mark Fabi's Wyrm from the late 90s. This year I finally finished the whole Giants' series from Hogan which I enjoyed.

Genre totals:

History - 1
Sci Fi - 10
Fantasy - 8
Tech - 3
Soccer - 2
Military Fiction - 2
Bio - 1