Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Road to Minsk


I decided recently to start to tackle Gary Grigsby’s War in the East. So after playing the short tutorial I moved on to the first of a series of scenarios titled “The Road to …”. This first one is very short, requiring you to achieve your objectives in 3 turns.

Below is a map of the situation at the beginning of the game.


The objectives are to capture Minsk, and a set of points along the eastern border of the map. It doesn’t really leave you time to try and encircle the bulge of Soviet forces in the center of the line. Below I have included a map showing where the objectives are located (Red are Soviet, Blue are German).


My plan was for two main thrusts. One from the south, attacking through Brest-Litvosk, then skirting along the northern edge of the Pripyat marshes and heading for the Berezina river. In the north, there would be an attack along the Kaunas – Vilnuis axis, then a move towards Minsk with a secondary force heading for Vitebsk. Other forces, consisting mainly of slower infantry units, would try to pocket and shatter as many troops in the Soviet bulge on the main line as possible.


In the end I achieved a victory. I’m not sure I utilized my air power as well as I could have. My armor units did a great job keeping to the timetable needed to accomplish the scenario objectives, and I was able to keep them supported as they made their way to the eastern border and their objectives.


I didn’t move some of the units involved in shattering the bulge, or some units that were to push on to Minsk in the last turn since Minsk was already captured, and the scenario was ending.

Overall a fun game. They really have seemed to make it easy to play. I know there is a lot of stuff still to learn about air power, and force structure management, but they have made moving and attacking really easy to do in this game, and it was relatively quick to play through the scenario.

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