Friday, July 29, 2011

Coup de main at Sinel’nikovo

Tonight I played through the getting started scenario for John Tiller’s Kharkov ‘43 game from his Panzer Campaign series. It is a short 9 turn scenario that gets you acquainted with the game. The manual walks you through the first turn to explain things and get you on your way. Below is the scenario description:
Getting Started - Feb 18th to Feb 19th, 1943.    Gen. Buschenhagen's 15th Infantry Division had just travelled from France for 10 days where it had spent the winter rebuilding after sustaining heavy casualties at Yelnya. With no time to spare, Grenadier Regiment 81 did not disembark at Dnepropetrovsk as planned but continued forward by rail to the outskirts of Sinel'nikovo where Russian troops were reported to be in residence. Riding almost to the outskirts of the town the regiment stormed into the town and quickly pulled off a coup de main by seizing it from the march.  (Size, Small)   The player should select the axis side to play for this getting started scenario.

A bunch of your units start embarked on trains in the nw corner of the map, and have to make their way to the town by rail. You do start with a couple recon companies, a tank destroyer company, a infantry battalion, and some artillery just outside of the town to begin.


My plan is to scout around the southern edge of the town with one recon company, and push to the north side of town with the other recon company and the tank destroyers. The infantry battalion is going to attack the soviet infantry that our recon has spotted. I want to get the rest of my units up as quickly as possible, disembark and get my other infantry battalions, and another artillery battery into action.

One thing that you have to make sure you keep on top of is what mode the units are moving in. You want them out of travel mode before they make contact, and artillery needs to be out of travel mode in order to set up. So it will take a couple of turns to get everyone assembled. Then the infantry will push towards the objective in the city with the support of the 2 artillery batteries, plus occasional stuka sorties.

In the end we were able to push the Soviets out of the town and secure the objective for a major victory.




Next scenario, I will take screenshots as a go, and put together an actual AAR.

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