Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Euclid's Window

Euclid's Window : The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to HyperspaceEuclid's Window : The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace by Leonard Mlodinow

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Interesting discussion of history of geometry from the time of the ancient Greeks through geometry's role today in String Theory and M-Theory. It covers what it considers to be the major events of the history of geometry, starting with Euclid's organizing Greek knowledge of geometry into the Elements, Descartes bringing the coordinate system to geometry, Gauss and Riemann moving geometry beyond Euclidean space, Einstein with his theory of relativity, and finally Ed Witten and his contributions to String and M-Theory. I felt like the book might have been a little rushed at the end, but that is probably because String theory and M-theory are both still young and in the process of being developed.

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