Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maneuver Warfare Handbook


This evening I just finished reading William Lind’s primer on maneuver warfare. It was written in the 80s when there was a movement afoot to get the USMC sold on the tenets of maneuver warfare.

The book consists of 2 parts. The first part is written by Lind and discusses the ideas behind maneuver warfare. The 2nd part is a series of lectures that were given at the Amphibious Warfare School by Col. Wyly. The lectures are intended to teach the basics of maneuver warfare, and have exercises included to check whether you understood the concepts or not. In addition there is a nicely annotated bibliography to give readers a list of additional texts to read to further their knowledge and understanding. It would be nice if there were a whole book of exercises, basically tactical decision games I guess, that would give the reader more practice in applying the knowledge. I also would have liked it to cover maneuver warfare in the defense in a more thorough manner.

It is a fairly quick read, and I am sure I will go back and study it again many times to try and absorb more info from it. I would recommend the book to anyone with interest in the subject or interested in military history that would like a new lens through which to evaluate what they read.

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