Monday, March 7, 2011

Counter Ambush


I recently picked up the 2nd generation of Combat Mission games, both the Shock Force series, and Combat Mission: Afghanistan. I decided to fire up CM:A and play a battle.

Briefing: Enemy forces were recently spotted in the vicinity of the road. There will be an important convoy coming along this route in the near future so the area must be secured.

Mission: Insert to LZ, and then move north along the road looking for and defeating enemy forces, in particular on the hills overlooking the road. Move from PL Alpha to PL Bravo.

Time to complete mission: 1 hour

I was commanding a company of airborne infantry. 3 infantry platoons, a weapons platoon, and the HQ platoon. I didn’t capture any screenshots during the game so all I have is a zoomed out screenshot of the battlefield at the beginning of the battle, where the company has just been inserted to their LZ.


My plan was to first establish some OPs on the ridge in front of us so I could have eyes on the other 2 hills. I was going to need to clear the hill on the right before tackling the other hill otherwise I would be exposed to fire from there while attacking the northern hill. I moved 2 infantry platoons over towards the road, using the 3rd as a reserve and to establish the OPs. I moved the weapons platoon over by the OP watching the hill on the right so I could set up a base of fire once we spotted something.

The plan then was to have the 2 infantry platoons move across the road and then move in bounding overwatch up the hill and secure it. We have some mortar support to call in so I was going to call that in to try and hit just before the 2 platoons reached the top of the hill. Once they secured the 1st hill, I was then going to move my weapons platoon to set up a base of fire to support attacking the 2nd hill. Once again the 2 platoons would move in bounding overwatch attacking the 2nd hill. I also decided to swing the 3rd platoon around from the other side to hit the 2nd hill from multiple directions, but leaving me without a reserve if I truly needed one. Once the 2nd hill was secured the weapons, and HQ platoons would meet up with the infantry at an assembly area between the 2nd hill and the road and proceed on to PL Bravo. One the map the red marking denote phase 1 of the plan, blue markings phase 2, and green markings phase 3.

In the end we lost 4 soldiers in a squad to a minefield on the 1st hill, with no other casualties. We killed 22 insurgents, and wounded 19 more securing a victory for the battle. Apparently we didn’t kill enough though as it was not a major victory. Not bad for the 1st time out though.

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