Monday, February 21, 2011

Weathering the Storm MP - AAR


I just finished my first game on the Squad Battles ladder at I controlled the American side in the ‘Weathering the Storm’ scenario, which covers the battle of Wanat in Afghanistan. There is an earlier post on here where I played this against the CPU.

My plan this time was to eject him from the entrance of the outpost, retrieve the rifle squad that was on patrol outside the outpost and get them back in the wire, and pin/disrupt Taliban elements until the 2 AH-64s en route arrive.

I think the Taliban player can’t afford to be timid in this scenario. He really needs to work over the US side before the AH-64s arrive on station. I imagine about the only way that is going to be possible is through the use of fanatical charge, which I’m not sure my opponent knew about. If he did he never used it.

At first he focused on the main outpost, but I was able to do a decent job on keeping his units pinned or disrupted so his attack stalled there. I was able to eliminate the insurgents at the entrance of the outpost and was able to collect the squad that was outside the wire, rally them, and get them back in the outpost. I lost 1 HMMWV to enemy fire, but the rest were active the entire game. After a while, he started to focus on the observation post to the east, but once my AH-64s arrived they quickly moved to disrupt that attack.

I hit one of his stacks with a 500lb bomb from a B1-B, but I don’t know how effective the strike was casualty wise. I had called in an A-10, but accidently cancelled it, and couldn’t get them on station before the game ended.

Here is what the battle looked like at the end:


I did a much better job this game utilizing my leaders to rally units. I also made use of the ability to drop and pick up items, to have the last 3 soldiers at the OP all pick up the squad’s support weapons in place of their rifles to lay down heavier fire on the 2 formations attacking them. I used it to keep up the SAW in another squad as well.

My opponent ended up offering surrender at his 14th turn and I accepted. This is what the victory dialog looked like at the time:


The question marks are because the game isn’t technically over. So there were 120-130 casualties for the Taliban side, to the 23 for the US.

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