Saturday, January 29, 2011

Din’s Curse


DinsCurse intro

Recently on the QT3 forums there has been a lot of talk about a game called Din’s Curse. It came out early last year, and currently there is work going on release an expansion to it called Demon War.

Din’s Curse is an action rpg with a procedurally generated world. So the game never plays exactly the same way twice. You are someone who was evil in their previous life, and you have been cursed by the God Din. In order to remove the curse and gain redemption you must travel to villages that are in danger and save them. This will mean travelling into dungeons which are situated under the towns and defeating those bringing evil to the town.

The dynamic generation of the content is one nice aspect of the game that makes the game have high replay value. The other is the character class system. There are set of predefined classes which you can choose, which are comprised of 3 different specialties, or you can choose to be a hybrid class and mix and match any 2 specialties together to make your character.

DinsCurse character creation

DinsCurse character creation 2

DinsCurse specialty selection

You will start out in your first village receiving some quests from Din, and also from the local villagers. That will set you on your way down in to the dungeon. You can only have 5 active quests at a time ( a bummer), so you will have to head back to the surface to turn them in and get more. You have to complete all the non-optional quests in a village before you are allowed to move on to the next.

The village can be attacked, so on occasion you will have to hurry back to the village to kill the raiders before they kill everyone in the village. If they kill the apothecary, the steward, and the warmaster (the 3 main quest givers), then you will lose the city. If only some of them are killed you will get quests to help locate new people for those positions.

The graphics and sound are nothing to write home about, but for a small studio/indie effort they do a serviceable job and don’t get in the way of enjoyment of the game.

DinsCurse village

DinsCurse dungeon 1

DinsCurse dungeon 2

For the fairly low price and with the high replay value due to class combinations and dynamic world generation this game seems to be well worth the price while waiting for the next incarnation of Diablo to arrive.


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