Sunday, December 19, 2010

New system up and running

Well I got the new system up and running. I ended up buying a Philips 22" monitor to go with my 2 Samsung monitors, and gave the 21.5" Dell to my wife to use with her laptop. I also ended up buying an expensive displayport adapter since the $30 one was being flaky. Eyefinity or the adapters seem to have issues sometimes with the system going to sleep. I also ended up grabbing the new World of Warcraft expansion. They completly redid the quests in the original zones to take into account the current state of the world and upped the level cap to 85 with a few new zones. Here is a pic that shows eyefinity at work (added vert lines to approximate where the monitor edges are) and me hitting the new level cap. It was pretty easy to do in less than a week just playing a few hours a night. The only quest I really ran into trouble with and needed assistance was 'The Defiler's ritual' in Uldum. Luckily a horde player was working the same thing, and we didn't need to group in order for it to work so we both took down the mobs and got the quest completed.


WoW 2010-12-19 03-46-20-19-bezel

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