Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Minecraft - Gaming goodness for $12.99

Over on the Quarter to Three forums there has been a lot of buzz about a little indie game called Minecraft. It is somewhat like Dwarf Fortress with a graphical interface instead of an obscure ascii one. If you purchase the game, you get all future updates for the price, you get to play survival mode. This pits you against the wilderness. You are in a race to find shelter before nightfall when spiders, zombies, and creepers come out and look to end your life.

So basically it is a quick scramble to find/gather some wood, find/gather some coal, and then either build a shelter or make one out of a small cave. You will need to create a workbench and then some torches. Bad things do not like the light, so make sure your shelter has light. Wall off the structure so nothing can get in and put a door in the entrance. Then you are set to really get started. You can explore the world, dig deeper underground in search of iron, gold, diamonds and other things.

The game has very simplistic graphics, but the gameplay doesn't need eye candy to carry it and the graphical style gives the game some character.

While digging into the depths of the world and extending one of my tunnels, I broke into another cavern system. There I found an underground waterfall, which was pretty neat. Here is a video I shot soon after making this find.

Here are a couple shots of the world right around my home, and the beginnings of my shelter.

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