Thursday, July 22, 2010

FSX Addons and Tuning Part 2

I set up a quick flight taking off from the airport in Chandler, AZ (KCHD) and flying over towards Camelback mountain in Phoenix. I used Active Sky Evolution to get the weather data and use it’s weather engine in the game. I also changed the REX water theme, which I think makes it look somewhat better. Before it was something called sparkling, and that it did do. It could use some more tweaking to get it just right.

Anyways, I was flying around the Phoenix area at about 3000 ft. My FPS was 25 for the flight. I figured it would probably be less being in an area like Phoenix with a lot of ground objects, plus the cloudy weather was pushing it some too. I didn’t think it was bad though, and the plane responded just fine, so the 25 FPS wasn’t effecting gameplay for me. For the next test I will have to go up and fly a bit of the trip from KMFR to KPAE with Active Sky Evolution running and see what kind of FPS then.

Here are some pictures:


Here are some shots with the new water setup:

As you can see the ground textures don't look as nice up close as they do at 8000 ft. I don't know if it is a mixture of the landclass stuff for the Phoenix area and the low altitude combined, or if it is just being low that makes it look not as nice. You can see some ugly spots where textures bump up against each other without there being any continuity between them, especially in the shot of Tempe town lake (2nd to last pic). I guess I should get a plane up to a decent altitude and see how the city looks then. I will say that the terrain mesh for Camelback mountain looks really good. I work across the street from there and get to see it every day and the FSGenesis terrain mesh does a nice job of capturing it. I think I will see what the water looks like if I turn off the wave animation stuff in REX as another test to see what changes I can make to the water. The current water textures though don't bother me nearly as much as the sparkling ones did.

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